Why IXeL ?

I XeL provides a roadmap for students to get placed in software product based companies.

What is IXeL ?

I XeL("I Excel") is an online learning program where students get enabled with knowledge and skills that are commonly needed to make a career in software product based companies.

Software Product Companies.

The Indian software products eco-system has rapidly evolved over the last five years and today there are over 3,500 product start-ups operating out of India.

Benefits of Product based IT Companies.

  • Students would start their career with a higher pay scale.
  • Working for a product based company, students would feel passionate about the product as it aligns with their interests and personal ambitions.
  • Growth of salaries in product based companies is very much on the higher end.
  • Product companies are deeply rooted to domain, technology and research & development.

What do software product companies test for?

  • Problem Solving, Reasoning & Programming.
  • Data Structures & Algorithmic Thinking.
  • Technology Foundations.

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